Is your brand’s message feeling flat, formulaic, or watered-down?


Your sales copy could use a pick-me-up.
That’s where Mettle & Tonic comes in.

We’ll dive deep into your audience's desires, infuse your website copy with personality, and craft a brand message designed to inspire action.

(and raving fans.)

Turn your lurkers into leads.

You followed your own path. You built something different. And you have delighted clients to show for it.

But your website copy and marketing aren’t making a splash.

The missing ingredient?

Stand out from the sea of


Potent, punchy, and persuasive copy.

It's the perfect formula for connection that feels like kismet.

Launching a new service, program, or course? Prime your audience, build their interest, and get them excited to drop some bucks on your offering with a pre-launch and launch strategy that eliminates the guesswork of sales—and the marketing hangover.

launch strategy


Your website is your 24/7 sales team. Let's craft copy that converts your perfect-fit prospects, sets your biz apart from the competition, and reflects your true brand personality.

website copywriting

Treat your email list like the VIPs they are. We'll whip up a lead magnet to build your list and develop a "welcome" sequence to make an unforgettable first impression and generate some business on autopilot.

list-building & email marketing

Pick Your Potion

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I’m Cassie Paton, and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses like yours attract more perfect-fit prospects with copy that’s punchy, powerful, and persuasive.

Your brand is an extension of you, which means your values and personality need to shine through in every aspect of your marketing. That's what allows you to make a meaningful impact on the world.

And isn't that what makes a business worth running?

Meet Your Sales Copywriter and Brand Messaging Strategist

(aka your brand's copy mixologist)

— Gabriela narvaez, founder of guild properties

"If you want compelling copy, don't waste your time and money elsewhere. Do yourself a big, giant favor and just work with Cassie. She'll make it super easy."

— Kristen Finch, Life coach

"In our first interaction, I could tell by the questions she asked me that Cassie 'got' my message.

Not only do I feel confident simply knowing Cassie's in my world, I'm excited about future projects that I've wanted to do for so long, but felt overwhelmed about how to approach and organize it. I know I can reach so many more people now!"

— Greg Reitman, CEO of the Icon Agency

"We never worked with a copywriter before, so we were a bit hesitant. But after working with Cassie, our clients [and the agency] were impressed with how she showed up. She's an easy going and talented professional who knows how to communicate and write copy that converts and connects."

— Jess joswick, founder of backbone business

"Cassie knocked it out of the park—not just the copy itself, which was fantastic, but the project management and process, too. I had a LOT going on during my launch, and she kept track of everything. That was a major load off of my team's shoulders."

Fortifying Words

Just wait until they get a taste
of your brand.

The first step is easy. Inquire below with a few details about your project.

Then, we’ll schedule a free discovery call to see if we’re a fit.

Projects are typically booked a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance, so pull up a chair and let's see if there's chemistry.


Discover the key ingredients of a potent messaging strategy so you can stand out from the sea of same-old online.

In this private podcast, you'll learn how to identify your brand's unique factors so you can confidently own any stage or platform.

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