It takes guts to grow your business.

Isn’t it time your messaging captured your spirit?

  • Set your brand apart with strategic words that attract your perfect-fit prospects

  • Compel your audience to action with persuasive, sleaze-free copy that sells

  • Earn sales more confidently, effectively, and effortlessly

Let’s tap into what makes your brand intoxicating.

But your message is diluted and you suspect it's impacting sales. 

(and sound good doing it.)

Your copy’s job is to sell.

There's a remedy for that.

When you work with me, you can:

Why you started your business. Why you stay in business. And why you approach your work the way you do.

The answer to “why” tells me a lot about what makes you and your business unique.

And it helps us nail a message that’s true to you and makes a 100-proof case for what you’re selling.

I’m Cassie Paton, and I believe the antidote to weak copy is a deep-dive into

Have we met? Pull up a chair.


Most businesses make the mistake of writing copy that’s all about them.

We’re not going to do that.

Instead, we’ll craft a message that makes your client the brave hero of your brand’s story.


Because that’s how you create raving fans.

— Gabriela narvaez, founder of guild properties

"If you want compelling copy, don't waste your time and money elsewhere. Do yourself a big, giant favor and just work with Cassie. She'll make it super easy."

— Kristen Finch, Life coach

"In our first interaction, I could tell by the questions she asked me that Cassie 'got' my message.

Not only do I feel confident simply knowing Cassie's in my world, I'm excited about future projects that I've wanted to do for so long, but felt overwhelmed about how to approach and organize it. I know I can reach so many more people now!"

— Greg Reitman, CEO of the Icon Agency

"We never worked with a copywriter before, so we were a bit hesitant. But after working with Cassie, our clients [and the agency] were impressed with how she showed up. She's an easy going and talented professional who knows how to communicate and write copy that converts and connects."

— Jess joswick, founder of backbone business

"Cassie knocked it out of the park—not just the copy itself, which was fantastic, but the project management and process, too. I had a LOT going on during my launch, and she kept track of everything. That was a major load off of my team's shoulders."

Fortifying Words

  • I have a rescue pit bull named Rocco (he has white socks)
  • I’ve had a thing for Bon Jovi since middle school (#BringRichieBack)
  • I love a good hike, novel, and glass of Italian red (sometimes in that order)

But enough about work.
You should know:

On A Personal Note

Since 2008, I’ve written for hundreds of brands and publications. I’ve worn the hats of award-winning blogger, plucky journalist, and digital marketer, to name a few.

Today, my specialty is writing website, launch, and email copy for purpose-driven service providers like you.

To show up, stand out, and take risks daily.


Mettle & Tonic’s Values

To your purpose. To your mission. To the human on the other side of the screen.


In the work. In the play. In the moment.


Mettle & Tonic donates a percentage of profits from all business and referrals to a worthy cause.


And get ready for a heady blend of words that speak louder.

Time to tell your garden variety copy to get lost.