Grow your list, build trust, and watch the sales pour in.


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And you don’t even need a massive list to start earning sales.

You just need to get smart about what your audience wants.

Then help them solve their problem and look like a hero, expert, and trusted guide all at once.

With the right lead magnet and welcome sequence, you only have to create content ONCE to generate revenue multiple times over.

Because while social media is where you’re making connections, you’re sick of selling your soul to the algorithm. 

You know there’s money to be made in your email list, but it just feels like another item on your long list of should-dos.

Especially if you’ve created a lead magnet in the past and it didn’t generate any meaningful results.

So you want to grow your email list.

But by getting smart with your list-building strategy, you have an opportunity to drive sales to your business—without even having to hop on a sales call.


Get your message in front of your audience, every time. (And not rely so heavily on ever-changing platforms you have no control over.)

Watch the inquiries and sales pour in without even lifting a finger. (Because your email marketing runs on autopilot.)

Grow a list full of perfect-fit prospects who are interested in working with you. (Instead of random people who will never buy from you.)

What if I said you could...

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Would you feel excited to finally get serious about email?

Based on your goals, we'll reverse engineer the best strategy to grow your list with a lead magnet brainstorming session.

Then, I'll create a welcome sequence to do the heavy lifting of building trust with your newest leads and naturally lead them to your offer.

You’ll also walk away knowing exactly how to promote your lead magnet to continually grow your list so the next time you launch an offer, you’ve got a solid list of VIPs to share it with.

Grow your email list and earn more sales—reliably, consistently, and effortlessly.






To get clear on which problem your audience most wants solved—and what they need to understand to take the right action.

To decide on a lead magnet format and welcome sequence that actually work—and that are based on your business' bigger goals.

All the copy you need to grow and nurture your list—from the landing page for your lead magnet to the P.S. in your final email. Most importantly, the copy will be totally on-brand and sell your services... naturally.

You'll leave with the tools you need to take your strategy and run with it—from simple tech tips to a lead magnet promo checklist, designer recommendations, and more.

Our work together includes:

  • The best format for your lead magnet (could include a guide, checklist, quiz, or custom offer)
  • Landing page copy
  • Opt-in copy for your website
  • Lead magnet marketing checklist
  • Tech and automation tips
  • Designer and tech support referrals, upon request
  • 90-minute brand and audience deep-dive session
  • Lead magnet proposal based on your goals and offer suite
  • Recorded copy walkthrough on Loom

Here's what you'll get:

1:1 strategy & support

OPTIONAL lead magnet development


welcome email sequence

  • 4-7 welcome emails, as needed, that build trust and guide your audience


  • Voice of Customer research 
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand questionnaire

A one-time investment for leads that keep on coming


Starting at $3500

Includes optional lead magnet/funnel strategy session for best results

Payment plans available at no additional charge

let's talk
let's talk

4-6 welcome emails done in 1 week

Custom guide, checklist, quiz, or premium series and welcome emails done in 4-5 weeks


Welcome Sequence VIP Week

Welcome Sequence + Custom Lead Magnet

Want to improve your existing welcome emails and funnel?


If you decide to upgrade to done-for-you copywriting after our session, the price of the strategy session will be applied toward your investment.


A one-hour strategy session and audit of your existing lead magnet and welcome sequence.

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Email Audit & Strategy Happy Hour 

Now, I feel SO good about the experience Cassie created and cultivated for people coming into Simple Shui.

I LOVE that they get a sample of all the ways to work with me without it giving them marketing *indigestion*—and that WIN leaves me with a BIG smile on my face!”


"I didn't have a welcome mat out for anyone who came into my space.

I’m Cassie Paton, and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses like yours attract more perfect-fit prospects with copy that’s punchy, powerful, and persuasive.

I know what it's like to obsess over everything in your business, from your offers to your marketing to your finances. I also know that it's hard to do it all alone.

So bring in someone who's going to be as obsessed with your success as you are. I won't just write your copy—I'll be your partner, collaborator, and creator to help you reach more people and change more lives... and have more fun doing it.

Let's get your audience stirred up

The first step is to have a quick chat about your goals. I'll share my process and answer all your burning questions, too.

If there's chemistry (and I have a feeling there will be), we'll reserve a spot just for you.

Get in touch today to schedule your call.

Grow a list of perfect-fit prospects that turn into dream clients.

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