Position, market & sell your offer — without the launch hangover.

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And the fact is, it takes way more than just being a good writer to stand out and sell out.

You need a plan. You need to be able to see your offer from a birds-eye view AND execute all that marketing from in the weeds.

and you’re facing down a massive marketing effort to sell it.

You just want to create something awesome, make good money selling it, and change your clients’ lives for the better.

What goes on a sales page that actually sells? Will a template cut it?

How many emails should I send? That sounds like too many. (Or is it not enough?)

How do I stand out with this offer? What’s my strategy? Oh god, do I have a strategy?

You’ve got a bold new offer to share with the world.

But it can be hard to do when you're wearing a million other hats.

Which brings up a whole bunch of questions, like:

(Not become a full-time copywriter.)

Spend your time on sales activities that close the deal—or in a blissful, midday savasana—instead of feeling rushed to do every single thing (and wondering if it’s enough).

Feel confident your marketing addresses every objection and question so your perfect-fit prospects feel empowered to make an informed decision (aka a resounding “hell yes”).

Capture what makes your offer unique so you can stand out to your audience as the obvious choice and leave behind bland or vague messaging.

What if instead, you could...

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“I always felt like copywriters or coaches I worked with couldn't *quite* capture my work and voice. Cassie really listened and understood all of that—she is the best copywriter I've ever worked with. My sales page was like I wrote it, but better. And it answers a lot of client's questions that I was addressing on the back-end.

— Julie Ordonez, Founder of CourageLab

Cassie can really get into the mind of your client and will be extremely thorough in understanding your work and process. The client results prove it: I'm booked out for my $50,000 program for the next 4 months.”

Together, we'll uncover the message that will capture your offer's unique spirit and have your audience rapt with attention.

Then, you can leave the rest to me. I'll map out your content strategy and write research-informed copy that's the perfect blend of attention-grabbing, compelling, and convincing so your inbox fills up with inquiries and sales without you even breaking a sweat.

Outsmart burnout with a launch strategy that's done with you (and copy that's done FOR you).

launch alchemy





To understand what your audience needs to hear to be utterly convinced that they need what you've got.

To develop a launch plan that leaves you feeling confident and in control of your launch, not livin' on a prayer.

All the copy you need to intrigue, entice, and inspire your audience, from the sales page to the "last call" email. Most importantly, it'll SELL while sounding just like you.

You'll have a partner, collaborator, and sounding board every step of the way so you never feel stranded during a busy launch.

Our work together includes:

I was looking for a copywriter who could capture my brand and voice seamlessly across my website, email, and social. Cassie was my first call because of her expertise with brand voice integration.

— Jess joswick, founder of backbone business

"I was launching a new coaching program. With so much content to create and a deadline looming, I knew I was going to need support. 

She knocked it out of the park—not just the copy itself, which was fantastic, but the project management and process, too. I had a LOT going on during the launch, and she kept track of everything related to the email, website, and social copy. That was a major load off of my team's shoulders.

Working with Cassie brought calm to my launch and was worth every dollar. (It was a lot of fun, too!)"

  • Long-form sales page copy
  • Sales email sequence (up to 15 emails)
  • Social media strategy
  • Optional landing page for your waitlist, live event, or lead magnet
  • My black book of launch collaborators
  • Post-launch survey
  • Kickoff call, brand intensive call implementation and support, post-launch audit
  • Message mapping and content planning
  • Recorded copy walkthrough on Loom
  • Email and Voxer support during your launch

Here's what you'll get:

1:1 strategy & support

Pre-launch & launch content


Post-launch strategy

  • Launch audit
  • Messaging tweaks


  • Voice of Customer research (including review mining, surveys, and/or interviews)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand questionnaire

Within a few weeks, you'll not only have all the copywritten elements you need for a successful launch...

you'll also have the peace of mind knowing every step of your launch has been intentionally designed to magnetize and convert the people you most want to work with. 

  • Offer & funnel optimization
  • Launch planning
  • Sales page copy
  • Pre-launch & launch emails
  • Social media strategy
  • Live launch support
  • Post-launch audit

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  • Offer optimization
  • Sales page copy
  • Messaging repurposing strategy


Payment plans available at no additional charge

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Upgrading your messaging and copy on an existing, validated offer that you'll market on your own
Generating buzz and sales around a new, improved, or time-based offer with a comprehensive marketing plan

Working with her doesn't just mean you'll get great copy, which you will. You'll also have more clarity and confidence when you are selling. You'll have more time and brain power to devote to sales activities that will support your launch goals. And you'll have a cheerleader and support when you are riding the emotional rollercoaster during the launch period.”

— Lindsay Graves, Garden Consultant at Fourth Street Farm

If you want to know that you've given your launch the best chance possible, work with Cassie. 

I’m Cassie Paton, and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses like yours attract more perfect-fit prospects with copy that’s punchy, powerful, and persuasive.

I know what it's like to obsess over everything in your business, from your offers to your marketing to your finances. I also know that it's hard to do it all alone.

So bring in someone who's going to be as obsessed with your launch's success as you are. I won't just write your copy—I'll be your partner, collaborator, and creator to help you reach more people and change more lives... and have more fun doing it.

Let's get your audience stirred up

The first step is to have a quick chat about your offer, goals, and timeline. I'll share my process and answer all your burning questions, too.

If there's chemistry (and I have a feeling there will be), we'll reserve a spot just for you.

Get in touch today to schedule your call.

Ditch the DIY of launching and make a splash in your market.

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