Capture your brand’s spirit with potent website copy that converts lurkers into leads.


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Trade in your watered-down messaging for copy that’s boldly on-brand.

When your business is the obvious choice, you’ll enjoy watching the inquiries and subscribers pour in.

So why would you have a website that sounds like everyone else?

Your website should earn your business sales.

Outdated, unoriginal copy never changed minds, captured hearts, or inspired action.

And while pretty websites might turn heads, it's substance that makes an impression.

There's no business like yours.

That’s where your copy comes in.

(which means it's gotta be convincing and fresh.)

Sales calls became easier, more fun, or even unnecessary… because your website already did the selling for you.

Your perfect-fit prospects read your site and thought, This is exactly who I need—and immediately took action toward working with you.

Your website reflected your brand’s spirit, making crystal-clear what makes you different from other players in your space.

How'd you like it if...


It's all possible with strategic, persuasive, and powerful copy.

Together, we'll uncover the message that will capture your offer's unique spirit and have your audience rapt with attention.

Then, you can leave the rest to me. I'll map out your content strategy and write research-informed copy that's the perfect blend of attention-grabbing, compelling, and convincing so your inbox fills up with inquiries and sales without you even breaking a sweat.

Turn your website into a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

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To understand what your audience needs to hear to be utterly convinced that they need what you've got.

To come up with the messaging that will speak to the right people... and inspire them to enthusiastically take action.

All the copy you need to intrigue, entice, and inspire your audience, from your headline to your opt-in and everything in between. Most importantly, it'll SELL while sounding just like you.

You'll leave with the tools you need to take your website and run with it—from designer-friendly deliverables to tips for getting 100-proof testimonials, referrals and more.

Our work together includes:

  • 5 standard pages of website copy
  • Opt-in copy for your lead magnet
  • Optional sales page add-on
  • Basic SEO services
  • Web designer and tech support referrals, upon request
  • Designer-friendly deliverables
  • Lead magnet idea generator
  • Top-shelf testimonials generator
  • 90-minute brand and audience deep-dive session
  • Recorded copy walkthrough on Loom

Here's what you'll get:

1:1 strategy & support

website copy



  • Voice of Customer research 
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand questionnaire


A one-time investment for leads that keep on coming

Have a larger project in mind? I've got you. Reach out to start a conversation, and I'll create a custom proposal just for you.


Payment plans available at no additional charge

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Starting at

Our business has changed substantially since the current website was published. I could trust that Cassie would find a way to describe us to our ideal clients.

Now we are WAY more confident that our services are described in a way that new prospective clients can understand.

Take the time to talk with Cassie and see for yourself that her strategies and style can make the difference you need to take your business to the next level."

— Kathleen Metcalf,
Real Estate Trainer & coach

"I needed to find the voice for our website that truly reflects who WE are, how WE work, and what solutions WE can provide.

I’m Cassie Paton, and I help entrepreneurs and small businesses like yours attract more perfect-fit prospects with copy that’s punchy, powerful, and persuasive.

I know what it's like to obsess over everything in your business, from your offers to your marketing to your finances. I also know that it's hard to do it all alone.

So bring in someone who's going to be as obsessed with your success as you are. I won't just write your copy—I'll be your partner, collaborator, and creator to help you reach more people and change more lives... and have more fun doing it.

Let's get your audience stirred up

The first step is to have a quick chat about your goals. I'll share my process and answer all your burning questions, too.

If there's chemistry (and I have a feeling there will be), we'll reserve a spot just for you.

Get in touch today to schedule your call.

Say see ya to your old website copy and hello there to raving fans.

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